Here are the basics on installing vinyl graphics/lettering.

1.  Thoroughly clean surface with a good glass cleaner where graphic is to be placed.

2.  Position the decal where you want to place it, BEFORE REMOVING THE BACKING PAPER.

3.  Mark the position you want with a wax marker (or something similar that will rub off).

4.  Slowly peel the backing off of the decal, making sure decal stays on the clear transfer tape.  Do not let decal stick to itself!

5.  Slowly lower the decal onto the surface where you have made your marks, making sure not to trap too many air bubbles (I usually work from the middle out).

6.  Use a squeegee to press all the air out from under the graphic.  If air gets trapped under a large decal, a sharp needle can be used to poke a small hole and release the trapped air, while using the squeegee to slowly push air out of the hole.

7.  Once transfer tape is squeegeed down, it is ready to be removed. 

8.  SLOWLY peel back the transfer tape, starting from a corner, making sure that the decal stays on the surface.  Peel transfer tape back SLOWLY and at a low angle, do not 'lift' it.  This will ensure that the decal stays on the surface.  If any of the decal starts the come up with the transfer tape, use a tweezers or the squeegee to push it back down onto the surface and continue to peel.

9.  After removing the entire transfer tape, use the 'shiny' side of the backing paper towards the decal and then squeegee over the top of it to ensure that the decal is stuck down evenly.

Helpful Hints

1.  Apply vinyl when the surface and ambient temperature is above 60 degrees.  Although it can be done when cooler, the warmer temperature helps the adhesive to stick better.

2.  Use a good squeegee.  Most auto parts stores carry them.  I have heard of people using plastic rulers, credit cards, and plastic putty knifes, but I do not recommend the use of anything other than a squeegee.  When using a squeegee, make sure edge is smooth so as not to scratch or tear decal.  If you need help finding a squeegee, please let me know and I can get one for you.

3.  Large decals can also be installed by spraying surface with a little glass cleaner prior to installing decal.  This lets the graphic be 'moved' (if you are worried about alignment issues) a small amount prior to using the squeegee to seal it to the application surface.  Make sure that graphic is stuck down good when peeling transfer tape.


Vinyl generally requires very little care.  Remember that, when washing, sponges and terry towels tend to pick up the vinyl (generally at the sharper points).  If this occurs, use a hair dryer to heat the vinyl up and then press it back into place. 

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